First a great big congratulations to Taura JHD and Hank!


may 5 020

taura herding


They were at a Herding trial this weekend and Taura  earned her Junior Herding Dog Certificate.   I’m sure they’re worn out from a very long weekend.  I drove down  to watch them on Saturday.  I was very happy that Hank shared this experience with me.  It was a wonderful trip and extra special for me because the trial was held at Fido’s Farm

may 5 019

where I spent several years training TinTin and Nickel herding.   I thought it was splendid karma that Taura’s trial was not only held here but the two judges who tested Taura were the same judges who tested Nickel and TinTin  over 4 years ago.  To top that, one of the three sheep used for the test was the same sheep that was in my 2 girls tests.  I guess it really really is… Like Mother – Like Daughter.  A number of people were intrigued to see a poodle at the trial and I was proud to say  that Taura is the third generation of herding poodles.

Hank and Taura did a beautiful job in the test.  There were a few ‘puppy moments’ but Taura pulled off a lovely run.  She wasn’t helped out by the sheep on Sunday.  Apparently they were very worried about this big hairy dog in the arena with them.  They gave Taura and Hank a hard time.  Despite it all Today Taura and Hank earned their Junior Herding Dog Title (JHD).  There are only a couple dozen poodles in the country with this title.   

Those of you who’ve recently done  your CGC tests (yeah, you.. you know who I’m talking to!)  Think about how hard it was for your young dog to perform in a new place, with new people around and new decoy dogs.  Taura was in a new environment with sheep she’d never seen before.  That’s a lot of pressure.  and notice how beautifully she can sit, stay and ‘come off the sheep.’ . What a girl! 🙂 and what a Dad!



The other exciting news is that Mica came home today!!


mica home 004

Mica trying to figure out the puppies

mica home 003

It was a hot day and the puppies enjoyed the cool floor

We actually had a lot of visitors today. Mica’s other family, the Frangoolas…es…,  dropped him off and two of their great kids came to see the puppers.  You might recognize Keeler and Laine from the poodle palooza pictures  They’re the best kids in the world… their parents are, eh, Ok.


No pictures but Laura and Don came too… with beer.  Yumm.   and we spent the afternoon lounging on the deck enjoying the sun. I’ve never, in 18 years, sat on my deck in 80 degree weather with the Lilacs in full bloom.  The aroma is intoxicating.


The Puppies took over the room and were exposed to lots of noise

I should add here,  i was in the process of cleaning out the whelping box. That’s why the floor is a pile of cloths and puppy pads ;^)


 Who’s in control here?

Look out here they come!


Puppy Poop