This is why I love raising puppies so much.  I’m always caught off guard by their phenomenal developmental growth rate.  That’s also why I try so hard to provide as much stimulation as I can.  They are like little sponges with an incredible learning and tolerance curve.

Yes, they’ve made a transition into puppies.  They’re interacting with the world around them and expressing curiosity in what they see. You can see the tiny gears whirring in their heads as they discover the wall of the whelping box, the paw of a sibling and the ‘eye’ of the camera.

I was going to make a full video of these but thought it would be more fun to allow you to pick certain spots to re-watch… You ARE re-watching them aren’t you?   Remember… I re-watch the videos, and all I have to do is look over my shoulder to see the real thing…LOL!!!






Here are the “upgrades” made to the whelping box today.  There are plenty of dingly dangly things for the puppies to bump into, however, it’s important to prevent anything that they can get caught on. Anything with a loop is a No-No.    may5 001 I add lots of glittery things and anything that looks like a face.  The puppies eyesight is still compromised so anything that’s bold or shiny works well.  Mama Nickel has already figured out how to manure around most of it, but I have to help her out from time to time.

We also had a chance to take a quick jaunt out on the deck.  We didn’t go very far but the opportunity too cool off was appreciated by everyone.

may5 002 may5 003 may5 004 may5 005 may5 006 may5 007 may5 011 may5 018 may5 020 may5 036 may5 038 may5 049 may5 056

Needless to say, TinTin appointed herself outlook.

may5 014

Sally and Mike came to visit puppies yesterday.  Nickel’s daughter Scarlett came too.  I wasn’t sure how Mama Nickel would like a youngster around the puppies so we cordoned off the deck.  Eureka, TinTin and Scarlett stayed outsideScarlett Eureka TinTin  We didn’t tempt fate by having Scarlett go into the whelping room but Nickel was perfectly fine mingling with her daughter on the deck.

Nickel, Eureka, TinTin, Scarlett IMG_1237


The poos *except Ms Nickel* stayed outside while Mike and Sally visited the puppies.   Nickel and BlueGirlIMG_1243 BlueGirl5 BlueGirl4 BlueGirl2 BlueGirl1 BlueGirl3   BTW.. photos curtsey of Mike.

Since I have the photos to back it up…  Scarlett and I also had our own special time together

IMG_1241Scarlett and Vikki