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photo by Bob Scola

Today I finally saw that sparkle!  It’s always an exciting moment when you realize that it’s time.   The first eye to open was Mr. Green’s followed by Ms Blue.  The others are close but I haven’t seen the glimmer yet.   I think there’s a continuing family tradition of the 4th puppy… always Green… to open their eyes first.  In the very first litter it was Ico, in the 3rd litter it was Hazel and in this litter it’s Green again.  I have to say that the Green’s have always been a little precocious.  ;^)


by Bob Scola

The puppies wont be able to see very clearly for a few day and it will be a week before they have any dept perception.  .  All puppy eyes are blue and slowly darken.  I’m expecting that these puppies will end up with light eyes since dad’s are very light and Nickel are not that dark.  The breed standard calls for dark eyes so the blacker the better.  I know it’s not proper but I like lighter eyes…. you can see them that much better.

Robyn and Bob, Lacey’s owners, came for a visit this afternoon and Bob took some great shots.


DSCB00805 DSCB00798 DSCB00773 DSCB00768 DSCB00762 DSCB00744

Now that eyes are opening, it’s time to start decorating that whelping box!