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Spring is in there air.

Had a busy day yesterday and didn’t get ONE puppy picture or video.

I took TinTin to a UKI agility trial and had a great time.


Seattle Kennel Club Trial 2005
Doesn’t she look like Nickel?!
TinTin is 2 yrs old here

We haven’t taken a lesson in over a year and it’s been twice that since her last trial. She is working on her Excellent level title and, poor girl, with a trial a year (or less) she’ll never get it finished.


Tyee, Canadian Agility Trial
TinTin is 4 yrs old


This is Michalo. He was a wonderful young man who lived in the neighborhood. He was interested in dog training so I took him to agility lessons with TinTin. Here he is Competing at the SAC Trial. He won a first place with TinTin that day.
Sadly he moved to Mississippi and I miss him. He’s 21 now!
TinTin is 3 yrs old here

We had a fantastic time. UKI allows participation in the trial without competing. You can use a toy and corrections (positive only) and work on what ever you’d like. My goal was to get TinTin as happy and playful as possible. Normally she only wants to work for food but yesterday she was chasing her ball and tugging like crazy.  Despite the series of 20-something obstacles, I broke it down into groups of 4-5 and had a little party after each. She did all her contacts beautifully (she is supposed to keep her back feet on the obstacle and stop with her front feet on the ground). There were a few times she stopped but oozed off before being released but that wasn’t our focus. She also popped out of the weaves a few times but again… speed and fun was our goal so we just ignored that.   She didn’t skip a beat and I was pretty winded after each run. I couldn’t have been happier… and neither could she!


A first place run in Open
TinTin is 8 yrs old here. This was her last trial we attended :^(

After the trial Claudia, Jessie, Ally, TinTin and I went to the field and took in the sun.

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TinTin, Ally, Jessie

Back home.. .I was late! Wendy and Joe were waiting. They had let themselves in and hanging out with Eureka and Nickel. According to Joe, when the entered the house (through the back door that leads directly into the whelping room) He was greeted by Nickel who gave him a few strong Pokes with her nose… Hummm not sure about a big tall man entering unannounced! Everyone settled in with wine and pizza. Ok, so the poodles didn’t have any wine.