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Mr Rudy was a star this weekend

Melissa had Rudy in a weekend of UKC shows and they both kicked poodle butt.  It was Rudy’s first time in the conformation ring and I could be prouder of him….  (originally I had ‘no one’  but I know that Karin Benker of Karbit Poodles is :)…. and then there’s Melissa!

The thing I love about UKC conformation….ok the things I love about UKC conformation are…..

Poodle competes in the Gun Dog class.  They are looked as working  not foofoo dogs.  The judge is looking at structure not hair.

Poodles can be in a variety of trim.  They don’t need all that big hair.

The judges in UKC spend more time ‘going over’ the dog than in other venues.  Really checking for good structure and condition.

The atmosphere is much more laid back.

They have Really great ribbons ;^)  and…

There is a special award at the end of the show called Total Dog.  This is to honor the dogs who have won both the conformation and a performance event in the same show.  I think this emphasises the importance of  a well-balanced dog.  Earning this title is a special and rare event.

UKC Champion Rudy the TOTAL dog


New Champion

Out of four conformation shows he took BW,  BOB x2 and a Group 1… over 11 other breeds

rudy win

URO1 Title with 2 High In Trial

Out of the 4 shows of Rally Obedience 1,  Rudy won the  classes 3 times with  scores of 96, 99, 99 and 100.  That earned him his URO1 title and TWO High In Trials.

Dang.  Now I have to go through the blog and add those two titles!………