4 25 015 I’ve started to incorporate a few things into the whelping box.  I now have a few rolled up towels that serve as objects for the puppies to drape across.  Melissa found these great balance balls on Clean Run.  They’re obviously for  much older puppies but for now I’ll put them to use.  I have them in the whelping dish for the pups to crawl over and around.  Nice nubs for them to experience some interesting sensations.  Here’s Mr Purple doing some pullups.

4 25 016He is only a baby  so mostly he used it as a pillow…. falling fast asleep.
4 25 009








I’ve found that the thrift store is the best place to find puppy toys and I scored today.  I found a Talking Elmo.  It’s a fantastic toy for the puppies and I had one for the previous litter but it was left out in the rain… oops.  The Elmo makes noise but it also provides lots of unpredictable movement.  It moves spontaneously if the puppies bump into it… it sits and stands and does somersaults   The puppies don’t know what to make of it.

elmo 003

The Hello Kitty might be considered Scary by some.

I also found a few toys small enough for the young puppies to pick up and carry around.  Typically they’ll start this as young as 4 weeks.     The flat yellow thing is a very loud metallic rattle and of course there’s the Mask…. SCarey!!!  🙂



As for the puppies they were very busy today:

4 25 011 4 25 014 4 25 007 4 25 004