You can’t ask for a more perfect Seattle day. The sky was blue blue blue without the hint of a cloud. The temp hovered around 68 degrees making you almost look for shade.

Nickel is relaxing more and more as the puppies grow and move. TinTin has relaxed her centry duty but still checks in on the pups. Sometimes I do wonder if TinTin is that much interested in the puppies or is it the food drops in the whelping box. I also suspect that she looks at the puppies as living Pez dispensers… you lift their tails and out pops a Pez.

thyr here 011

Mom will keep puppies clean for at least the first 3 weeks. Basically as long as the puppies are only nursing (not eating any solid food) mom will clean up any eliminations. The whelping box is pristine. The first 10 days mom must stimulate the puppies inorder for them to ‘go.’

Today was celebrated with raw meaty bones. I love observing dog behavior and there is one in particular this brings to mind. In every litter that I’ve had (all 4 of them…ha ha ha) Mom is more than happy to eat her meals in the whelping box. Give her a bone, however, and she becomes frustrated. She doesn’t like chewing on bones with the new puppies near by. After the puppies are ambulatory it’s fine. I’ve often wondered if there’s a natural inhabition to crunching through bones because of the babies. I’ve no idea if my theory is valid but…. this afternoon I gave Nickel her bone and she immediately left the box. Mind you she’s eaten plenty of bones with her older puppies.  Anyway. It was such a beautiful day I was happy to serve mid afternoon lunch on the deck.

collars 006

Yin and Yang bone eaters

collars 009 collars 008


After a stimulating mealcollars 010Nickel checked on her pups.  They were crashed out.  So she decided it was time to party. collars 004 collars 005

It was good for her to be able to clear her head and get some blood flowing (other than in her mammaries!).  It didn’t take long, however before she felt her duties calling (literally).  collars 003 collars 002 collars 001 and all’s well that ends well.