The room is on the first floor of the house.  It’s a small room that opens onto the deck by french doors which will ease potty training later.  The floor is linoleum for easy cleanup because as the puppies start to walk,  they’ll take over more and more of the room.  At this stage the whelping box is their world.

As they  grow, the room will change and evolve. The couch will be removed, and I’ll no longer need the working tables. At some point the large wire crate will become a den for the puppies.  They learn to feel safe here and eventually they’ll sleep in it during the night.
Here are a few pictures of past puppy rooms.

IMG_0119 6

2010 litter. Ico in box and her and mother TinTin

IMG_0121 12

2010 the whole family hanging out


Nickel’s room was decked out with all her ribbons


Once the puppy’s eyes are open I start to put all kinds of things in the whelping box. I dangle things so they bump into them. It’s a little amusement park.


Here’s a good example of the first extension. This way the puppies can leave the box to potty. They start to distinguish between home and potty at a surprisingly early age.

The beautiful quilt you see in these pictures was made by my wonderful friend Lavena

The arrangement isn’t just for the puppies.  Having the door of the whelping box open now allows mom to get a break from the puppies.  As long as she’s laying next to them they will nurse.  Nickel now feels comfortable enough to leave the box from time to time.  Until yesterday she had to be forced out of the box to potty.  Now she contentedly lies on a bed outside the box to watch over her babies.

424 047 You’ll also notice that the blankets are in a jumbled heap.  Every time I arrange things the way *I* like it, Nickel goes in and digs it all up.  Who’s in charge here?!  The bottom layer is a 1 1/2 inch fleece pad. That is covered by 30×30 cloths. The cloths have an absorbent side and a moisture barrier side.  The idea is to have the fleece for padding and the cloths for changing out… but Nickel has other ideas.  And she wins.

Here are some of today’s puppy pics:

Puppies pick the strangest places to sleep……

424 053

Little Mr Green Jeans

424 039 424 040 424 020424 038

It’s a good life…..

424 024

baby wookie

424 015 424 019 424 023424 051

Best seat in the house….

424 016

They prefer the bar over the main dining area

424 018

and puppies got their new collars yesterday!…..

424 007 424 008 Thanks to Melissa.  She ordered these collars three times 424 010because the first two times they went to the wrong houses.  She was so frustrated that the third time she sent them priority mail!  When she asked if they’d arrived I was sad to tell her NO.  I hadn’t gotten them.  Hours of phone calls later ,Melissa was about to throw up her arms.  She told me that the mail carrier insisted that he put the package in my mail box.  My mail box?  OH  I hadn’t thought to look there!  LOL.  So here they are! 🙂