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        eating on the job 002

eating on the job 007

Nickel is looking very bright-eyed and rested today.     422am 036 She still refuses to leave the whelping box without my strong encouragement.

The routine for the next few weeks will be to weigh puppies every morning and take mom’s temp every morning and evening.  We want to make sure that the puppies are gaining weight every day.  As of this morning all the puppies have gained at least an ounce. Mom’s temp is a little high but nothing to worry about.  As each puppy is born, the placenta is expelled.  At least you hope it is.  Nickel prefers to stand when delivering and that can cause the placenta to stay inside.  Nickel delivered some of the puppies while standing and two of them, Green and Orange, were born outside.  So why is it important for the placenta to expel?  Because if the placenta is left inside and it isn’t reabsorbed it can become a raging infection.

I’ll also continue to put the Calendula and lanolin on Nickel’s nipples for the next few days (or as long as she needs it).  Even with the clipped nails these vigorous puppies are doing some damage.  I’ve found that the best way to do it, so puppies aren’t nursing it off as quickly as I’m putting it on, is to take advange of their  sleeping,  but it’s awfully hard to find a time when at least one puppy isn’t nursing.

The Calendula and Lanolinffp 004 seem to be working their magic

Remember the FFP I talked about?  Well,  puppies have gotten their doses.  They got abut 3ml during the first 36 hours.

422am 040

The FFP comes in frozen vials. It’s not used for its clotting factors but for the immunoglobulins. This will help to naturally support their immune system.

ffp 002

The FFP can be given orally the first 36 hours because the neonate’s stomach does not digest these proteins. It’s absorbed much like the protective antibodies of colostrum. I use this tube system to feed the FFP to the puppy as it nurses.