I wanted to catch up on the whelping yesterday.

Nickel delivered her first puppy at 4:35am  it was very quickly followed by the second puppy.

thyr here 001

Minutes old. This is second born Blue Girl

She was calmly nursing and I realized that there was new birth sac by her tail!

thyr here 011

Number three. Red collared boy. You can see the umbilical cord

She continued to deliver puppies approximately every 30 minutes.

At 7:35 she took a break.

4pm 001 4pm 002

I wasn’t concerned because it’s not unusual for moms to take time to rest, and it can go over 1 1/2 between contractions.  In her last litter, Nickel took about an hour between puppies.

And of course Grandma, TinTin helped.

thyr here 016 thyr here 014 thyr here 007

And Nckel ate her Goats Milk and Vanilla Yogurt Pudding.

birth 030 birth 022

Got a Milk mustache

birth 026

And proceeded to get it all over herself and her puppies!

birth 006

birth 028

But she didn’t care!

birth 024

As the time approached 2 hours I started to get worried.  I  gave her a dose of Calsorb and waited.  When there wasn’t a contraction I called the Repro vet.  She didn’t seem concerned and asked if I was sure there were more puppies.  Nickel’s stomach still felt taught so we decided that if she didn’t have puppies after another dose of calcium that I should bring her to the vet for a xray.  Obviously to make sure that all the puppies hadn’t already come.  It wasnt five minutes after hanging up on the phone that the next puppy came.  He was breach and out of the sack and lively.  The next and last puppy came within minutes.  This was Little Girl and she was as limp as a towel.  She did have color (pink tongue) so I dove in to resuscitate her.  Once we were at the point where we though she had a chance we headed to the Vet.  The fact that I had a warming box (complete with a transformer for plugging it into the cigarette lighter) made it possible to load up all the puppies and Mom.  Claudia drove as I worked on the puppy.  The Vet said that her heart was normal, her lungs, her palette was normal and her lungs were clear.  There wasn’t anything they could do for her except get her warmed up.  So home we went, hoping we could keep her going.

Back at the house Mom and puppies settled back into the box.

4pm 008 4pm 005 4pm 004 4pm 003 4pm 002

Claudia and I worked on our girl.  The problem was that she had no nursing reflex and was crying nonstop.  I  tube fed her at 2:30 (8 oz of formula), gave her subQ fluids and a drop of dextrose. After the dextrose she seemed to perk up a little and  after 9 hours it looked like  she was recovering  enough and I dared to believed that she might pull through.

It was hard to wait the recommended three hours to feed her again, but despite her crying we waited. I prepared the formula and got her out of her box.  As I tried to feed the feeding tube down her esophagus she fought me like crazy.  This was actually great to see since the time before she was too weak.  She fought so hard I decided to pull the tube and as the tip came out of her mouth she gave a little lap with her tongue.  I brought her over to Nickel and put her up against a nipple and she latched on!

At that moment I knew she was going to make it. I slept on the couch next to the whelping box through the night.  Every few minutes LG would start crying.  I think she was nursing and falling asleep, which would cause her to roll away from Nickel.  This would set her to crying again.  I gently placed her back on the nipple where she started to croon.  I don’t know what time it was when silence fell over the room but I woke up at 6am to just the gentle cooing of the puppies.

Throughout the morning she’s gotten more and more confident.  She’s pushing her way through the other puppies and putting up a good fight with the nipple to get her milk.  She is one strong girlie!