She not so little actually weighing 12 oz.  She’s been though a lot today and I hope she continues to get better.  She is refusing to nurse and that’s my big goal for now.  We got her out of the woods and now it’s up to her.  I gave her the first ‘tube feeding’ and I hope that will give her more strength.   Nickel is very concerned about her and was almost panicked at first.  Things are settled down and everyone, babies and mom are sound asleep.  The little girl is sleeping under mom’s chin. 4pm 001 4pm 003 4pm 005 4pm 012


The rest of the puppies are thriving.  They’re already starting to make themself distinct.  Normally I’d be checking feet to see who has white nails and white hairs between their pads.  It’s believed that this is an indication of how light they will be.  I have to say it’s been pretty accurate so far.  What I can tell you is that  a few puppies have no white.  This has never happened in one of my litters before.  So it will be interesting to see if they remain black.  Little girl has both white nails and a lot of white between her toes so I’m guessing she’ll be light blue or silver.  The rest remains a mystery for now.  Everyone has had a very big day and we’ll call it quits for now.


Claudia, who has been  here all day helping, left for home but before going she handed me a giant bottle of beer.  I think that’s what I’m going to put my attention towards for now.