Nickel has been quietly sleeping all day.

april16th 005

She has stopped huffing and puffing.  I called the reproduction Vet yesterday evening.  I’d called Claudia over because I thought Nick was going into labor.  Poor Claudia skipped an agility lesson so she could help me out.  She has her two poodles, Jessie and Ally, in the Poodle Club Specialty  that’s coming up and it will be Ally’s first trial.  I feel bad that she missed getting to the lesson.  She came loaded down with all kinds of goodies: snacks, cookies, soda and daffodils.  We got things organized and sat and waited…. and waited….  Since it appeared that nothing was happening, I called the vet and she told me that unless Nickel’s temp drops below 98 it’s not labor.  Interesting that the information in the books say that  the temp only needs to drop one degree.  It doesn’t say one degree from 99.  Of course Dr Wilcock was right ; Nick wasn’t in labor. Dr Wilcock is the vet who did Nickel’s surgical insemination and  will be ‘on call’ for the delivery.  I’ll have her  number so I can call with any questions.  More importantly, she’ll be available if any complications come up and Nick needs a C-section.  She stood by for Ico’s labor as well.  I feel better knowing that I wont have to bring Nickel to an Emergency Clinic.

Well, no news for now!