april17th 001I was convinced that Nickel was going into stage 1 labor today.  We went for a nice long walk at the Seattle U campus this morning and about an hour later she was panting and licking her lips and looking at her side.  She went into the whelping box and started digging and finally  laid  down and fell fast asleep.  TinTin seemed very interested in what was going on with Nickel and tried to climb in the whelping box with her.  I made her leave but she remained outside the box watching

I noticed that the puppies were extremely active; really bumping and grinding.  Now I wonder if her discomfort might be the puppies poking into some organs or pushing on nerves.

Sorry this video is longer than it needs to be… I couldn’t edit it.

With a great suggestion from Melissa,  Nickel, TinTin and Eureka and I took a nice long walk around the neighbor hood.  Nickel carried her ball the entire time and seemed quite comfortable and happy to be out moving around.  Maybe it gave the puppies a chance to bounce into place.