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(4/11)I felt a puppy today!!!!  I was lying in bed next to Nickel and placed my hand on her belly.  I suddenly felt the gentle roll of a puppy against my hand.  What a feeling!  If you want an idea of what it feels like take two of your knuckles of one hand and gently roll it along the palm of your other hand.  I’ll be giving Nickel her last bath and hair cut in the next day or two and I’m sure once her hair is shaved off her belly I’ll be able to see them moving.

In the next week the puppies will be doing a lot of their growing but for the most part Nickel is a bit smaller this time around.

This was Nickel on Thursday.   She seems to have grown daily since then.

APRIL10 003APRIL10 006

Compared to a month ago! she doesn’t even look like the same dog!


She’s been very active, taking hikes, playing and even  did a stellar job in her NoseWork’s class on Wed.  (She could even still fit in her harness).  But the last few days seem to be really moving her toward whelping.  Three days ago I felt the first puppies moving.  They were really very active.  I’m guessing that they’re starting to turn.  About this time they will start to rotate their heads caudally so that they’re head first out the birth canal.

I have a feeling that she’s going to deliver early…  I’ll start taking her temperature tomorrow morning.  I’ll take it three times a day and her temp will drop a degree about 24-48 hours before delivery.  She’ll also refuse to eat and become restless.

Today when I was getting the whelping box ready she was persistent about getting in.  Frankly she was acting so weird I was getting a little nervous 😉   It got me into the garage and pulling out all the whelping supplies.  Monday I will order FFP for the puppies.  It’s been found that giving this orally the first few days helps to strengthen their immune system.  I have done this for all my litters and so far, knock on wood, I’ve had strong healthy puppies.