I read somewhere that you don’t have a true pack until you have at least 4 dogs with both male and female.  I think it probably also said that the male needs to be intact.  Needless to say, I have a great passion for watching ‘pack behavior’ amongst my four (used to be 5) poodles.  I think it’s exemplified when you have multiple generations since their language is unique among themselves.  Today I was privy to some fun pack language.

To my surprise, I was visited by the owners of Nickel’s daughter DSC50308Lacey.

They came to deliver some food treats for Nickel.. and a new Moser blade (yee ha!).  They came with their beautiful daughter and her fiancé… and Lacey.  The gang was over joyed to see everyone until……  Lacey DSC_0775trotted into the whelping room and TinTin would have nothing to do with it!  She tried to block her grand daughter’s entry into the room.  As the humans proceeded down the hall, Nickel made her way ahead of us and into the whelping box.  Now mind you, Nickel doesn’t show her dislike for things very often.  When LaceyDSC29632 tried to enter the box Nickel gave her a good look at her teeth.  No movement forward and now growl.. just a nice display of pearly whites.  TinTin pressed her way into the box too and stood sentry.  Lacey DSC_1909was, frankly, oblivious to the insults and it took Lacey’s owners to guide her elsewhere.  In the mean time Mica was sitting on the sofa trying to get someone to play with him and Eurekaforblog 064 was high in the background  trying to be invisible.  Once they were all out of the whelping room everyone was hunky dory.  I’m reminded that through out Nickel’s last whelping Eureka 2013-05-02 12.47.49had no intentions of entering the whelping boxIMG_1187,  Corsa stood at the entrance awaiting for any sign of acceptanceIMG_1177IMG_0043,  Corsa never tested her limits despite the fact that she thought the puppies were Guinea Pigs.   TinTin was at the entrance of the whelping box taking finger prints of everyone who dared enter.  It will be fun to watch how things play out this time around.

The other thing we did today was GROOM.  Nickel has her New Mom Hair Doo.  Freshly bathed and shaved.  TinTIn it likewise coiffed.  Eureka and Mica were shaved down a few weeks ago so they’re all set.