Last trail day and Nickel went out in great style.  She didn’t get her title but she passed 3 of the 4 elements and even managed to get First Place in the interior search!  We missed the vehicle search because in my stressed out enthusiasm, I didn’t let her work out the problem and in a weak moment called, “Alert.” which ends the search.  Considering she’s only 20 days away from delivering, I think she did a fabulous job.  The comments from the judges said, “Nice Team Work,”  “Nice working Girl,” and … the one directed toward me….”Make sure you watch where the wind is coming from.”  … meaning…. I didn’t let Nickel work to her best advantage and this is the search that we didn’t pass.


2013-05-01 16.59.27

Nickel’s first place Interior Search Ribbon



Here are the poos waiting out a very long day:

2013-05-01 14.04.56

It was another hot day. I bought bags of ice and a battery operated fan.


All In All it was a fantastic day and a fantastic weekend.  I couldn’t be more proud for my poodles…. all four of them 🙂  Considering I have had 4 standard poodles in and out of hotels for the past 4 days is quite amazing.  They play hard when allowed and settle into the hotel room beautifully.

Playing in the field behind the hotel:

2013-05-01 16.32.19 2013-05-01 16.33.47 2013-05-01 16.38.44 2013-05-01 16.41.23 2013-05-01 16.44.47 2013-05-01 16.34.48


and finally.. Night Night!!!!

2013-05-01 17.55.33 2013-05-01 17.55.17