Time to get the Puppy Room in order.  The puppy room is freshly painted and new linoleum is laid down.  This time the room will look a little different since I removed the treadmill.

Ah the treadmill.  6 years ago I bought a treadmill order to condition Nickel for the show ring.  I’d watched one of Caesar M’s episodes about exercising dogs in this way. Frankly thought he was full of ‘it’ and embellishing how much the dogs enjoyed it.  TinTin and Nickel proved his theory.  It got to the point where if I wanted to use the treadmill myself, I’d have to lock the dogs out of the room.  If TinTin heard me turn the machine on, she’d run screaming down two flights of stairs, down the hallway and jump on.  If I didn’t get it moving quickly enough she’d bark and paw.

This was taken several years ago

Since the adults liked it so much I decided to let the puppies play on it a little.  I figured it would be a great way to get them used to yet another physical sensation.  At the time I still had Ally and Scarlett so I gave it a go…..

Not treadmill this time but we’ll definitely need a whelping box.  It was actually a sunny day today so it’s the perfect day to get going.  I went to Seconduse and found enough plywood to make the entire thing.. for just $7.00.  Love that Seconduse!  Nickel decided that she wanted to supervise the entire process.

The black round thing is a heated ‘heated whelping nest‘.  It will be dropped into the bottom of the box (you can see the hole in the wood) and will keep the puppies warm.  It’s designed to stay at a constant 97 degrees.  The puppies can move off and on as needed.  Until puppies are 10 days old they can’t regulate their own temperature so they’re at the mercy of their environment.  I’ve placed the hole toward the side of the box so Mama Nickel can lay to the side while the puppers nurse.  Mom generates a lot of heat as her metabolism is cranking.


SAMSUNGthe mystery legs are Daryl’s.  He’s the guy who’s doing the remodel on the house. He was nice enough to give me a hand… ok, I stood back and he did all the work…LOL

SAMSUNGHard to believe this is going to be a whelping box.

I’m heading to California to compete with Nickel and Mica in a NoseWork trial.  I think Daryl might work on the box while I’m gone.  It would be a great surprise to have it completed when I get home… I’ll be painting it with ‘nontoxic paint.’