Nickel has been pregnant for a month now.  It’s shocking that we can’t confirm pregnancy for such a long time.  It seems that as soon as you’re able to verify that the breeding took we’re half way through pregnancy.  Oy.  If you’d like to catch up on what’s happened so far in the puppy development you can go to the Puppy Development Chart here  .

Today we spent most of the time in the car running to Home Depot.  Had to by the last bit of tile to finish the master bathroom.  Of course I took all the poos and had the chance to do some Nose Work with Nickel and Mica.  I did three hides; one in the building, one in the parking lot and one in the garden area.  All three spots had great distractions and it was a good challenge for all of us.

Later in the afternoon Nickel’s daughter, Ally from iphone 035came for a visit.  She and Mica played hard on the back deck.  It’s great to have the two warn out.

OOPS.  this is Scarlett not Ally… bad me!