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Welcome to my blog  about a litter of standard poodle puppies.  I want to thank Melissa Blazak for trusting in my breeding program and allowing me breed my Nickel


to her wonderful boy, Rudy.


Rudy as a puppy. Looking pretty adorable

I hope to use this blog to share  background information about Rudy and Nickel and to follow the development of their puppies.

So here we go

HI!  I’m Vikki of Alchmy Standard Poodles and I am the lucky breeder of three incredible litters of standard poodle puppies.  These breedings span a course of  8 years.   Big Mama, TinTin is the matriarch and foundation of my breeding program.  In 2006 she had a litter of 7 blue puppies.  The  sire of her litter was Nicky of Blu Majic Standard Poodles.   Alchmy’s next litter was from TinTin’s daughter,  Ico and Royale Standard Poodle’s Tango.    Our third litter was out of TinTin’s other daughter, Nickel and sired by a Russian import named Stoli.


A good example that it’s hard to tell the difference between blue and silver some times.

Ok.  Hang ON.

We’re going to fast forward to Nickel today.

Wellllll…. Today Nickel is 35 days pregnant.  From here on out we’ll follow Nickel with her puppies  in utero and continue to watch those puppies grow and develop after birth.  If you’d like to see the Time-Line of how puppy fetal development progresses, please check out this LINK.

According to this chart, Nickel was avoiding contact with the other dogs at day 30 and by day 34 she was starting to interact again.   Today Claudia and I had a long romp in the woods with the Poos.  For the first time in a month,  Nickel started to play Tug-O-War with Ally and Mica again.  After revisiting the 2010 chart I’m inspired to start one again.  (ergh  give me a day or two to get it organized 😉